Growing Vegetables at Apartments Made Easy

20 Mar 2019

Those days when you could have your own veggies gardenat home is not far away. By following the right steps and with proper care, you can also grow vegetables in indoor areas. From micro greens to lemons, tomatoes to garlic, and mint to ginger, fill your kitchen with the fresh produce grown by you! And with apartments providing spacious and modern settings, indulge in the bliss of having your own vegetable garden at home and focus on leading a healthier lifestyle.
Here are a few easy tips to grow your own indoor vegetable garden:
1. Indoor Temperature
For the healthy growth of indoor vegetable garden it requires humidity. Having the right temperature at home is essential i.e., neither should it be too cold nor too hot. Keep your indoor veggie garden away from coolers and ACs to thrive properly. During extreme humid weather conditions, spray water on them constantly and maintain a temperature between 18 to 24 degree Celsius.
2. Sufficient water
Indoor plants require more water than outdoor ones as they tend to get dry faster. Install small automated sprinklers for your indoor vegetable garden or else make a manual one by piercing holes in a plastic bottle. Hang them inside the pots to replicate the functioning of drip irrigation.
3. Choose the right plant
One of the key factors to be considered while growing vegetables indoor is to choose the right plants. It should be suitable for the climate in the area you reside in to ensure that they grow in a healthy environment to yield good produce. Root vegetables like carrot must be kept in a sunny area with moist soil, ginger must be kept under indirect sunlight, tomato plants require at least 10 hours of light every day and leafy vegetables like spinach requires less attention and sunlight.These plants can be grown indoors and place them as per the appropriate intensity of sunlight, water and temperature requirement.
4. Assess the sunlight
Choose an area that gets adequate amount of sunlight, an important ingredient for growing edible plants. As each plant would have different sunlight requirements, select a spot that is best suited for growing all veggies.
For beginners, it is recommended to grow leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, and herbs like cilantro, mint and basil as they are easy to grow indoors. Carrots, salad greens, tomatoes and ginger can also be grown because they require less attention and grows easily.
With proper care and maintenance, you could also have your own fresh indoor vegetable garden at apartments. Featuring exclusive gardens in balcony for all apartments, Melonwood Greens, a unique green living project in Kochi, focuses on healthy living of its residents upholding the principle of living with nature. 


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