Benefits of having rain water harvesting in apartments

25 Feb 2019

The rising demand for apartments and flats has prompted builders and developers to offer world-class amenities for convenient and healthier living.With many recent apartment projects having rainwater harvesting system installed due to its multitude of benefits and advantages, the scope for water conservation and green living has only increased.
Here is how an apartment consisting of rainwater harvesting system proves to be beneficial:
1. Promote eco-friendly living
Rainwater harvesting system solely focuses on conservation of water and energy. An apartment with the same installed in it promotes eco-friendly living and make its residents a part of it to act more responsibly. Through rainwater harvesting you can reduce water consumption by at least 40% which can be efficiently utilised for other purposes. As per recent reports, the quantity of water saved by a family in a society every day is 200 litres which is approximately equal to the minimum water consumption of a person per day. 
Rainwater harvesting is also linked to eco-friendly and greener living with its utilisation in watering plants and garden. This not only cuts off the overall landscaping and maintenance charges but also adds the much required touch of greenery to your apartment.
2. Non-interrupted water supply
Say goodbye to water shortages and interrupted supply with the introduction of rainwater harvesting system in apartments. It is an ideal choice as a water source or as a backup water supply during times of water shortage or when its quality is unacceptable. Especially during summer seasons when there are probable chances for water scarcity, the saved water from the system can be utilized to ensure uninterrupted water supply to apartments. Even during situations like supply cuts from the water authority, this system provides 24x7 supply without depending on any fixed timing schedule. 
3. Reduced water bills and cost
Rainwater harvesting in apartments help in saving a great deal of money spent on water bills which can later be used for the betterment of the entire community. By collecting and using rainwater, not only are you conserving water but also start replacing municipal water thereby reducing your monthly bill amount. In fact, when an apartment project utilises this facility it indirectly affects an entire municipality in regards of its water usage, cost of water supply, maintenance, infrastructure replacement, etc. When more apartment projects collectively takes up rainwater harvesting system, its impact would be much larger.
An untapped source of water supply and conservation, rainwater harvesting system has revolutionized the concept of eco-friendly living in apartment projects considering the various benefits it has to offer. At Melonwood Homes, one of the trusted builders of quality flats and apartments in Kochi, we deliver homes with the best-in-class and most efficient rainwater harvesting system focusing on a greener living. For details about our projects

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