Why to Choose Apartments with No Common Walls

04 Jun 2018

Apartment dwelling has become the most-preferred living option in metropolitan cities. And the rise in demand has resulted in space constraints to develop residential options. The real estate scenario copes with this situation by incorporating compact designs in flats and apartments which often harms the concept of peaceful living. Selecting an apartment that does not share common walls with the other unit is a smart choice to this problem.

Here are the top 3 benefits of choosing apartments with no common wall sharing.

Absolute privacy

The absence of shared walls that transmit sound from one apartment to the other, privacy can be enjoyed at its finest in these units. From the blaring TVs to loud chit-chats to crying babies, any potential noise that cause disturbance to the inhabitants is instantly cancelled in these independent structures.

Natural illumination with daylight

Apartments with no common walls feature 3 entry points that let in ample amount of sunlight for natural illumination. Therefore, during the day, the apartment will be well lit with natural light that also creates a warm and welcoming ambience inside. Reduced power consumption with the eco-friendly lighting option over electrical sources is another advantage worth mentioning.

Free flow of air for ventilation

The 3 entry points also assist in ensuring an uninterrupted flow of air inside the apartment. With the fresh air circulating, the unit has a natural ventilation which prevents the temperature from soaring inside and also maintains a comfortable, cool and fresh ambience by pushing out the stale air. This design helps take advantage of breezy days to its fullest, while also being an energy-efficient alternative to air conditioners even in the summer.

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