Why Millennial Homebuyers Choose Kochi for Buying Homes

05 May 2019

Individuals born during the years 1980 to 2000 are called as Millennials, a class of people who are often tagged as the generation exposed to innovations and technological updates. The vast availability of technology and information has put forward a lot of opportunities for them to learn and grow. One such tremendous growth is them becoming astute buyers in real estate industry.

This group of individuals are well-informed about housing solutions and therefore, consider various factors before making an end conclusion. After thorough research, both online and offline, they zero down from various options to find the perfect home based on their needs, requirements, advantages and not to mention, the most reasonable one!

 Kochi, a developing city in Kerala has witnessed a mass number of people moving into the city due to the umpteen number of benefits it has got to offer. Take a look at the factors that influence millennials to choose a home in Kochi:

  1. Social infrastructure

Improved social infrastructure at Kochi accounts to the increased number of people migrating and settling in the city. From the best-in-class hospitals, community facilities, transport, job opportunities, etc. this city has got all it needs to make life convenient and suits the lifestyle of millennials. Be it the Kochi Metro, Vytilla Hub, Lulu Mall, Cochin International Airport, reputed IT giants at Infopark, healthcare facilities like Sunrise Hospital, Kinder Hospital and much more, one would be flanked by all basic social infrastructure they would ever want.


  1. Connectivity & accessibility

With the help of all key social infrastructure, connectivity and accessibility have improved making the life of millennials convenient and comfortable. Now, traveling to different parts of the city for business purposes or otherwise is made easy as you have the National Highway passing through the city connecting you to other districts. And not to forget, this urban city gives you access to everything you want, all at your fingertips – thanks to the technological advancements and the adaptable mindset of Kochiites to developments, we have online food delivery system, taxi services, and also the upcoming automated supermarket!


  1. Quality of life

Millennials are provided with a vast number of job opportunities and are well-qualified and knowledgeable they get in at reputed firms, drawing a handsome amount of income every month. They have the right place to lead a plush life, Kochi being the perfect one, thus improving their quality of living. It is possible to have a balance between quality living and the cost incurred on it, as it is affordable living in Kochi when compared to other cities, thus attracting more millennials to the city.


  1. Return on investment / Value appreciation of property

Millennials always focus on the value part of everything i.e., a better return on investment. As they make decisions after thorough research and evaluation, they choose homes the same way also. After considering the past, present and future capital value of the property and also, its rental value in future, millennials shortlist their homes at the right location of the city with required facilities and not to forget, budget too.

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