5 Unique Advantages of Melonwood’s Green Living Concept

26 May 2018

Green living is making a remarkable statement in urban dwelling aiding the inhabitants to lead a healthy lifestyle, while also bringing them closer to nature. From clean living practices to sustainable alternatives, green lifestyle has become the favourable choice to all. Melonwood Homes, one of the most trusted builders for flats and apartments in Kochi envisages the green living concept in their prime residential project Melonwood Greens. Located at the greener part of the city away from the hustle and bustle of city life, the project embraces the concept of green living in its entirety.

Here are few amazing benefits offered by the green living concept at Melonwood Greens: 

1. Healthy living

From lush green surroundings, fresh air, garden balconies to an organic vegetable garden at the rooftop, Green living is healthy living at Melonwood Greens.

2. Eco-friendly homes 

Green living teaches us to reduce the impact on environment by adopting eco-friendly practices. With reduced energy consumption through solar, water conservation and recycling through rainwater harvesting and eco-friendly waste management, Melonwood Greens is one of Kochi’s most environmentally sustainable apartment project.  

3. Reduced Power Consumption 

Green living practices are cost-effective alternatives to other expensive solutions for years to come. Melonwood Greens accommodate a cost-efficient as well as sustainable residential environment with solar powered lighting in common areas for reduced energy consumption.

4. Connect with nature

There is nothing in this world that is more soothing and relaxing than getting back to nature. Set amidst lush greens with beautiful views all around, Melonwood Greens is a true green paradise among apartments in Kochi. Not to mention the garden balconies that welcome nature right to your home.

5. Price appreciation

Adhering to the green living concept with several exclusive amenities and features, the value of eco-friendly projects are more in comparison with others

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