Top 5 Must-Have Amenities in a Luxury Apartment Project

05 Jan 2019

Resort style living is something the whole world craves about! What if you get to live the same in the comfort of your home? Well, luxury apartment projects with their superior amenities and luxuries bestow you nothing short of a resort-living experience.

Here are the top 5 must-have amenities in a luxury apartment project:

  1. Space

Gone are the days when your apartments are small and cramped.The main feature of a luxury apartment is the well-spread out living space it provides. From spacious 2-bedroom apartments to ultra-spacious 3, 4 & 5-bedroom ones, luxury apartment projects offer multiple choices for your dream abode.

Few benefits of staying in spacious apartments are:

a.       Peace and happiness among the members that stay in the apartment due to the personal space they enjoy.

b.      Pursuing your hobby of dancing/playing instruments or doing yoga/exercise, more space helps you enjoy one’s any desired activity.

c.       Large open space also calls for more fun time with family and friends during get-togethers.


   2. Extensive Health Club

Are you a fitness addict? Do you spend a handsome amount of money at gymnasiums but later on refuse to go because of the commute time? Well, luxury apartments offer extensive and well-equipped health clubs within the premises making your dream of staying fit a reality.


  3. Swimming pool

Who wouldn’t love a refreshing dip in the pool of blue waters? Swimming pool is one of the finest amenities offered by a luxury apartment project. Right from staying fit and healthy to having a fun-time, benefits of having a pool are various. Luxury apartment projects are now offering infinity rooftop pools coupled with lush party area and spectacular scenic views.


  4. Recreational zone

Snooker, basketball, volleyball, table-tennis … What if you could play your favourite sports and games at your home? Luxury apartment projects embrace special entertainment and sport zones for the youthful you. Not to mention the mini-theatre and A/V room facilities the projects offer.


  5. Balcony garden

Luxury apartment project brings nature to your home with their feature ‘balcony gardens’. Not only does that increase the visual appeal of the ambiance but also helps in curbing the air pollutants thus providing fresh air to the apartment.


Melonwood Homes, one of the leading builders of luxury flats and apartments in Kochi offers the aforesaid amenities and luxuries in all their ongoing residential projects.

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