Top 4 Benefits of Staying Near Your Work Place

01 Jun 2018

The convenience of daily commute is among the primary aspects that most professionals look for in a prospective living space. For office-goers, travelling up and down to office should be a hassle-free daily affair which does not eat up the major chunk of their time that is devoted to other tasks before and after work. Having a home closer to the workplace is a smart solution to all the inconveniences caused by the tiring travel.

Given below are the benefits of having a dream home close to your workplace:

Saves time

Living closer to your workplace saves your time lost in peak time traffic woes every morning and evening. Rather than being stuck behind the wheels of your car or in the public transport, that can be attributed to much important things at work or at home. 

Saves Money

The rising fuel costs combined with the escalating charges of public transport is sure to put a hole in your pocket during the long commute to and back from office. When staying near office, considerable amount of your money will be saved daily. Not to mention a relief from regular maintenance costs of personal vehicles. 


Living near workplace gives you the flexibility and work-life balance that does not exist when your day is spent travelling and at work. When your home is near, you will be able to put in extra hours at office if required without worrying about reaching home late in the night. Other benefits include being able to attend to any emergencies at home and lunch breaks that can be spent with family.

Health benefits

With long commute hours, you may have to sacrifice your workout time that was planned before or after work. Homes near office means ample time to exercise in the morning or evening. Living near office also let you reach there on foot or on a cycle which is again beneficial for your health by squeezing in some bit of exercise while you are on a busy schedule.

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