Apartment Trends to expect in 2019

27 Dec 2018


Life in 2019 is going to be automated, smart and of course, easier! Thanks to technology developments and our adaptability to constant changes, a new standard of apartment living is coming your way. From smart devices to convertible furniture, genius architecture to appealing interiors, a complete transformation of apartment trends can be expected in 2019.

Here are few of the apartment trends to look out for in 2019:

1. Smart Home

Imagine unlocking the door while sitting in another room with just a click of your hand, dreamy isn’t it? Running your household with just a touch is how your dream home would be in 2019. An automated home includes a system that lets you control lighting, temperature, entertainment and home security. Connected to a central gateway, home automation system can be controlled through remotes, computers and mobile application by people who have access to the same. Automated homes with smart appliances are committed to save energy by letting you turn off electronic devices automatically thereby upgrading the standard of apartment living.

2. Smart Appliances

Alexa, Google, Siri are not just your AI Assistants but your partner at home to make your life as easy as a pie. Such voice assisted devices makes working at home hassle-free. Such technological developments are being integrated into apartments for a smart home.

a.    Controllers and hubs: The most trending set of smart home appliances, controllers and hubs like Amazon Alexa and Google Home has established their place in the market. Due to its feature to connect to all other smart devices at home, it is possible to do almost all tasks remotely.

b.     Home Security: In this digital era, security of your home is also digitalized. Internet of Things (IoT) based locks is in recent trends because of its ability to allow a person to lock doors remotely from any place on the earth. Other devices like video door phones, window sensors, front door cameras, etc. can be installed at apartments to give alerts about possible break-ins.

c.    Home ambience controller: Change the ambience of your home in just a click, feels dreamy right? Ambience controller has got you covered to set the right atmosphere for each mood in just a command. It lets you set multiple smart appliances to a particular mode as per your commands like dim lightings, setting up for movie nights, playing slow music through smart speakers, etc.

3. Garden for each apartment

An apartment with an organic garden for yourself is probably what every woman desires for. And it is becoming a thing in apartment living due to a growing concern for green living. Such urban gardens provide a verdant space to grow fresh herbs and vegetables at your home without sacrificing your health and mental prosperity.

4. Modern and comfortable furniture

From sleek to convenient and comfortable designs, furniture trends will be the most sensible and intriguing trend to look out for. Once chosen as an element to showcase style, furniture is now designed to cater to multi-functional requirements. Petite and modern furniture will add a classic touch to your apartment. With the craft trend coming up, industrial styles like loft dining tables, bar stools and storage trunks are predicted to rise in popularity in the coming year. Not only does it give a retro appearance but also offers the best possible comfort.

Furniture that is of great design, compact and comfort are what you should look out for in 2019.

5. Statement wall colors

Interior trends keep changing but most apartments stick on to the same color palette for walls. It’s time to spice up things and go for bold colors in 2019. Start with your bedroom – instead of using bold statement colors to paint the room completely, opt for a single wall first. Gradually make your way to paint your apartment with bold shades that goes fine with your lifestyle and interest. A shade of caramel brown, forest greens and teal would be your 2019 color picks. 

Following the aforesaid trends will make your apartment stay in vogue and stand out from other apartments in the neighborhood. Melonwood Homes, one of the leading builders in Kochi offers multiple flats in Kochi and apartments in Kochi at central locations with futuristic design, modern amenities and tech-savy features perfectly delineating the statement ‘in-trend living spaces’.

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