8 Easy Hacks to Keep the Summer Heat Away from Home

24 Mar 2019

Summers are known for their intense heat and surviving it is not an easy task. Trying an umpteen number of hacks to cool down your home naturally may not be beneficial as the heat waves might prove to be fatal. Turning on the air conditioner might be a good idea as long as the electricity bill does not shock you.

Thinking of beating the heat at home in a natural way? Try these easy and effective hacks to keep the summer heat away from home:


     1. Keep the windows open to aid cross-ventilation and maintain lower temperature inside the rooms. Placing potted plants like aloe vera,  spider plant, snake plant and boston fern near windows absorb the heat reducing its intensity.


     2. Block sunlight from entering the house using blinds, curtains or reflective window panels.


     3. Hang wet laundry or dampen the curtains and turn on the fan. The water seeps upward and spreads the cool breeze all around the room.


      4. Reverse the rotation of fan blades to counter-clockwise in order to push the warmth in room to ceiling instead of blowing it to your direction.


      5. Unplug appliances or electronics when not in use to reduce the heat produced from these heat multipliers to maintain cooler interiors.


      6. Fill a bowl with ice and place it in front of a large fan to enjoy chill breeze.


      7. Declutter your home to remove unwanted things and heavy furniture to clear the space. It lets out any trapped hot air and ensures free flow of air.


       8. Avoid using satin and silk material for pillow cases, bed linens and cottons. Switch to light-coloured cotton or linen that are breathable and low heat-absorbing materials.


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