5 Reasons to Choose Flats or Apartments in Kochi

24 Jul 2019

Why apartments are getting popular in the outskirts of Kochi?

People have started moving outside the city limits of Kochi. New apartments in Kochi are seen more on the city boundaries due to lack of space inside and also the increased price range within the cityscape. Kochi is expanding the octet to form clusters of housing projects on its outskirts such as Kakkanad, Kalamassery, Aluva etc. Apartments of all categories fall in this. More people are opting for apartments or flats in cities over houses due to the conveniences they offer to the owners and residents. 

  1. Save a lot on your bills
    Flats and apartments are pocket-friendly. Apartment living is more cost-effective than living in an independent house, be it owned or rented. It can save a lot on your bills. Future maintenance cost for apartments is very less compared to houses and villas. Apartments are also a sustainable option with people living in close proximity, saving on energy and resources considering the costs for electricity and availability of resources.
  2. Maintenance is taken care of by the property manager
    Any problem in an apartment usually gets fixed by the property manager or maintenance person in the block. It's good to have someone at your disposal to call upon for any help. This is something you get in addition to what you pay for. The maintenance person takes care of the repair, water and power-related issues, and also waste management.

  3. Encourage community living
    Apartments also encourage community living. At a time, when human connections are getting insignificant due to the advent of new-age technology and communication means, you will see community living at its best in apartments. Flats in Kochi form associations or communities which form a unit of close-knit families. These communities are existing on mutual merits and understanding. Each family is dependent on the other in a healthy way. Children and elderly people get a safe atmosphere and good company.

  4. Apartments are safer
    Apartments are safer than houses due to several reasons. Apartments come with secure parking. A gated community offers several layers of security. CCTV, alarms, locks etc. of the latest technology ensure your safety 24*7. Amenities like gyms, pools, rooftop entertaining areas, storage cages, laundry rooms etc. are very hard to come by near your house. A gated community can have these amenities for free. You can spend your leisure time healthily and free of cost. 
  5. Apartments can be easily liquidated
    Apartments are easier to liquidate. You can always leave your apartment when you can afford a better one. Well-maintained apartments from reputed builders are easy to resell and can fetch a good return on investment. 


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