3 Key Safety Features To Look Out For In A High-Rise Apartment Project

28 Jan 2019


A life at high-rise apartment is surreal with the picturesque view and larger than life amenities. Especially for people who are concerned about privacy, high-rise apartments are an excellent choice to stay connected yet be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But ever considered the safety challenges posed by such high-rise buildings?

Here are three key safety features to look out for in a high-rise apartment:

1.       Fire safety measures

The National Building Code (NBC) of India has put forward comprehensive guidelines about various Indian Standards which must be followed during the construction of high-rise buildings and implementation of safety requirements. Though these apartments come with safety measures it is important to check for fire safety & prevention systems like heat sensors and smoke detectors, overhead water sprinklers, alternative fire exits and wet riser water tanks. Also ensure that the building has been constructed using fire resistant material and has a fire refugee area for the elderly and disabled ones.


2.       Elevator system

In order to maintain the safety of high-rise apartments, separate elevators for residents and outsiders or for service and freight purposes must be installed. These elevators must be supported by 24x7 power backup to prevent getting stalled during power failures. And also check for alarm or help buttons, CCTV and intercom services within the elevators that could help in cases of emergency.


3.       Secured locks and windows

In terms of safety, high-rise apartments must ensure that the common entry is always under surveillance and secured. Use of top class locking system and smart locks like finger-print locks, Bluetooth and phone/remove controlled locks ensure safety of the residents from anonymous people and break-ins.


Another safety feature to look out for is the high-rise windows and balconies which could pose a danger to kids and pets. Look into the height and thickness of the window and balcony railings. They should be closely built with a minimum height avoiding all small openings. Balconies with sliding doors are a better option, especially for families with children to ensure their safety.

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