7 Home Care Tips for Monsoon Season

29 May 2018

The favorite and best among the seasons, Monsoon is finally here giving a refreshing-relief after a scorching long-spell of summer. Sitting in the cosy comfort of your home and watching the raindrops kiss the surface of the earth is a feeling out of the world. However, the continuous downpours and excess moisture could take a toll on your home. 
Here are few key tips to take care of your home during the rains: 
1. Roof, doors & windows 

The most important thing that needs to be repaired is the roof of your home. Get your roof checked properly: clear all rooftop drains and rainwater pipes to ensure they are not clogged and water is not accumulated on the roof. Also, make sure to plug in any gaps in the doors and windows of your house, especially the ones to the balcony and terrace. This will prevent unnecessary damage caused to the interiors from leakages and seepage during the season. 

2. Check your electrical fittings

Make sure to fix those faulty appliances like loose wires, old broken switches and other things before the outbreak of monsoon. Replace damaged electrical cords if any and also keep a close watch on water seepage near electrical sockets.

3. Wooden cupboards

Wooden things are most likely to be affected during the rains with excess moisture in the surroundings. They tend to swell up absorbing the moisture. Applying oil is the best thing that can be used to prevent this. 
4. Musky smell

An unpleasant moisture-laden smell in your home is synonymous with the rainy season. Use Lemon and vinegar to remove any foul smell from your home. Keeping camphor balls or neem leaves in your cupboard, will save your clothes from fungus and bad smell. Also, maintaining regular cleanliness is vital during the rains. 
5. Carpets

Roll away those expensive carpets since their fine fabric easily attracts moisture. During rains it’s optimal to choose ones made of coir or plastic. They don’t attract moisture and such carpets are light weight and can be washed roughly without the fear of getting quickly damaged. 
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