5 Advantages of Owning a Luxury Villa

08 Nov 2018

Urban dwelling comes with living options that include flats, apartments, and villas. Among these, luxury villas are preferred for a niche living experience owing to the many premium benefits they offer.

Here are some of the advantages of living in a luxury villa.

Statement lifestyle

A luxury villa will be equipped with amenities like architectural landscape, terrace garden, home theatre, etc. to reflect a lifestyle laden with utmost comfort, luxury, sophistication, and ...

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Benefits of Living in the Heart of the City

29 Oct 2018

Cities are considered key real estate investment destinations owing to the many benefits. And living in the heart of the city is the most desirable option for apartment dwellers as it offers the best of urban living experience.

Here are the top benefits of living in the heart of the city.


A flat or apartment located at the centre of the city enjoys seamless connectivity to all major transportation hubs like railway station, bus stand, metro rail, airport, etc. Also, easy ...

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Things To Know Before Selecting An Apartment In Kochi

27 Oct 2018

Being a real estate hotspot, Kochi offers myriad of options among flats and apartments. And finding the most suitable one among them can turn out to be a tough task. Choosing the right flat or apartment in the city should only be after close scrutiny of various contributing factors.

Below listed are the things to check before selecting an apartment in Kochi.

Set a budget

One of the important things that people tend to ignore while looking for flats and apartments in Kochi is to set a ...

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Top 4 Reasons Why Kochi is a Favourable Real Estate Destination

25 Oct 2018

Kochi is fast emerging as a sought-after property market among both localities and NRIs. The tier-2 city is also ranked 6th in the Top 20 Smart Cities list which has made it a favourite destination for reputed builders to launch their prestigious projects.

Here is a brief analysis on the growth of Kochi as a preferred real estate market.

Quality of life

Kochi is well-known for the quality of life it offers. Compared to other major cities, Kochi is a preferred destination for a ...

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5 Benefits of Having a Balcony Garden in an Apartment

18 Oct 2018

Balcony gardens are the much-needed touch of greenery amidst the modern concrete jungle. A balcony garden is very much pleasing to the eyes as well as offers some amazing benefits for apartment dwellers.

Below listed are 5 benefits of having a balcony garden in an apartment.

      1. Connect with Nature

Balcony gardens are for those who love the feel of nature in their home. From vertical gardens to potted plants to creepers to hanging plants, options are in abundance to ...

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The Best Real Estate Hotspots In Kochi

10 Jun 2018

Kochi, the Queen of Arabian Sea is an emerging metropolitan city that ranks 6th in the Top 20 Smart Cities list. The growth drivers for the city’s development includes the ambitious Smart City project, presence of a robust IT hub, port development and Metro rail connectivity to name a few. Also a favourite tourist destination for domestic as well as international travellers alike, the city enjoys being at one of the top spots in the most preferred travel destinations in the country. All ...

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Checklist for Picking the Right Location for Buying Apartments in Kochi

07 Jun 2018

Apartment hunting in a metropolitan city like Kochi can seem like a challenging task. But with the right checklist and awareness of significant factors that contribute to a successful buying decision, the hassles can be lessened. Location is one such determining factor that plays a key role in finding the perfect apartment in the city.

Check out the 5 pointers below for guidance on how to choose the right locality for buying an apartment.

Seamless connectivity to the city

Apartments ...

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Why Melonwood Waves Is The Sought-After Villa Project In Kochi

06 Jun 2018

Melonwood Homes, one among the leading builders in Kochi is all set to redefine the city’s residential space by offering luxury living spaces in their villa project Melonwood Waves. From featuring spacious layouts to including premium amenities, the project guarantees high quality living to its finest.

Here are 5 benefits of taking residence at Melonwood Waves.

Easy connectivity

Located at Seaport-Airport road, the villas enjoy easy access to the heart of the city. Educational ...

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5 Reasons Why Melonwood Greens is Among the Healthiest Apartments in Kochi

05 Jun 2018

Encompassing all the necessary amenities to accommodate a premium lifestyle, Melonwood Greens has become one among the most sought after addresses in Kochi. Along with facilitating an impeccable living experience, the project also ensures the health and fitness of its inhabitants. 

Here are 5 effective ways through which living in Melonwood Greens makes its inhabitants healthy and fit.

Health Club 

A multi-functional health club equipped with all the essential modern fitness ...

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Why to Choose Apartments with No Common Walls

04 Jun 2018

Apartment dwelling has become the most-preferred living option in metropolitan cities. And the rise in demand has resulted in space constraints to develop residential options. The real estate scenario copes with this situation by incorporating compact designs in flats and apartments which often harms the concept of peaceful living. Selecting an apartment that does not share common walls with the other unit is a smart choice to this problem.

Here are the top 3 benefits of choosing apartments ...

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Top 5 Reasons to Buy an Apartment from Melonwood Homes

02 Jun 2018

Emphasising quality and design in each of their premium residential projects, Melonwood Homes has been established as one among the most sought after builders of apartments in Kochi. Built with ultra modern designs and incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, Melonwood Homes offers luxury living spaces spread across the city for an impeccable urban dwelling experience.

Here are the top reasons to buy an apartment from Melonwood Homes.

Industry experts

Bringing into play 20 years of ...

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Top 4 Benefits of Staying Near Your Work Place

01 Jun 2018

The convenience of daily commute is among the primary aspects that most professionals look for in a prospective living space. For office-goers, travelling up and down to office should be a hassle-free daily affair which does not eat up the major chunk of their time that is devoted to other tasks before and after work. Having a home closer to the workplace is a smart solution to all the inconveniences caused by the tiring travel.

Given below are the benefits of having a dream home ...

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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Kochi

31 May 2018

The city of Kochi is one among the emerging metropolitan city in Kerala. It is also considered among the top commercially and economically viable cities in the state. Witnessing rapid expansion in all of its socio-economic sectors, Kochi is also considered a great investment destination in the real estate scenario with ample amount of opportunities emerging in all of its prime spots.

Here are the top 6 reasons why Kochi is the right place for you to invest.

1.Seamless ...

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7 Home Care Tips for Monsoon Season

29 May 2018

The favorite and best among the seasons, Monsoon is finally here giving a refreshing-relief after a scorching long-spell of summer. Sitting in the cosy comfort of your home and watching the raindrops kiss the surface of the earth is a feeling out of the world. However, the continuous downpours and excess moisture could take a toll on your home. 

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7 Points to Remeber Buying Flats in Kochi

27 May 2018

Buying a house is a personal experience backed by mixed emotions. To get that right location, the right space and the right environment is definitely a difficult task while buying a house. To ease all those dilemmas, you need a perfect checklist of what you want in a house to buy.

1. Research 

Before you rush to make the final decision, get a clear idea about what is available in your area. Choose and shortlist according to your purpose and get advice from people you know who can ...

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5 Unique Advantages of Melonwood’s Green Living Concept

26 May 2018

Green living is making a remarkable statement in urban dwelling aiding the inhabitants to lead a healthy lifestyle, while also bringing them closer to nature. From clean living practices to sustainable alternatives, green lifestyle has become the favourable choice to all. Melonwood Homes, one of the most trusted builders for flats and apartments in Kochi envisages the green living concept in their prime residential project Melonwood Greens. Located at the greener part of the city away from the ...

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5 Benefits Of Investing In Vazhakkala

25 May 2018

Vazhakkala, one of the most popular suburbs in Kochi is hailed as an excellent residential option in the city with all the essentials to accommodate a premium urban lifestyle. Located at one of the prime hotspots of the city, the surburb is undergoing a phenomenal growth in terms of the real estate developments.

 Here are few key benefits of investing in Vazhakkala:

 1. Seamless connectivity

Strategically positioned near the major hubs in Kochi like NH Bypass, Edappally, ...

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5 Amenities to Have in Your Dream Home

23 May 2018

A dream home should not only be your safe haven but should also be equipped with comforts and conveniences designed to provide the best of quality living. It is these amenities that make a home a welcoming space for the days to come.

Here are few essential amenities one must have in their dream home –

1. Gym

As more and more people consider fitness and workout as important aspects of healthy living, a health club or a gym in the apartment complex is now a must for most urban ...

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Why Melonwood Greens Is The Best Place For Senior Living?

21 May 2018

At Melonwood Greens, Kochi’s best elderly friendly residential project, seniors can live a life nothing short of an extended holiday. The project bestows thoughtfully designed layouts, unique green home concept, close proximity with renowned hospitals and features like high security, and options to exercise and socialize for a healthy & comfortable living.

 Here are 6 Reasons why Melonwood Greens is the best place for the Seniors:

1. Safe and Secure

Elders deserve a ...

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5 Benefits Of Buying A Home In Melonwood Greens

01 May 2018

Envisaging a unique concept of green living with luxury, Melonwood Greens is a dream come true residential project from Melondwood Homes. Located in the centre of the city yet away from the hustle and bustle, in close proximity with all the major pivots, the project defines the statement ‘Perfect Place to Call a Home’.

Sprawled over 52 cents of lush landscapes, the project offers 28 spacious luxury apartments to facilitate an impeccable urban lifestyle.

Here are few ...

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Article on Green environment in Times of India by MD

15 Dec 2017

Article on Green environment in Times of India (15th December 2017) by MD stating the concept and importance of Green environment concept in project Melonwood Greens.

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01 Sep 2017

This Onam, Melonwood Homes brings you a wide range of Offers & Schemes designed to satisfy all your needs!! 
SCHEME 1: Book without initial payment + Onam Wardrobe/Kitchen cabinet/Digitize your home. 
SCHEME 2: Moderate the monthly pay as per your pocket + Onam Wardrobe/Kitchen cabinet/Digitize your home. 
SCHEME 3: Pay an initial amount and balance on Key handing over + Onam Wardrobe/Kitchen cabinet/Digitize your home. 
SCHEME 4: Pay a monthly amount of R. 2 Lacs ...

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